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Swimming Lessons


We offer a variety of swim lessons from beginners to advanced
and we gear to all age, babies to adults. We focus on the individual according to their level of confidence and ability. 

Private Lessons

One-on-one private 30 minute lessons are recommended for new students  and those requiring more attention. Lessons are individually based on students' abilities and skills.

Using flotation devices and fins students learn water safety skills, floating, underwater breathing and elementary swim strokes. 

Group Lessons

Small groups of 3-5 students, 45 minutes lessons are best for suited for students who are already water safe and have already acquired basic swim skills.

These classes are designed to improving form and technique, diving, developing strength and endurance.  

Parent & Me Lessons

Parent & me classes are for babies 3 months to 3 yrs. The classes help babies get an early introduction to water safety and swimming. 


Babies learn safety skills, improve motor skills and enjoy fun time with their parents in the water. 

Adult Swim Lessons

Whether you have never learned how to swim, or you had a traumatic experience and are anxious about it, or already know how to swim but want to swim more efficiently, it's never too late to learn to swim or improve your strokes.

Swimming is a great form of exercise which boost metabolism, improves muscle strength, cardiovascular capacity and flexibility. 

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